Alfredo Jaar wants to change the world

Alfredo Jaar wants to change the world

Next to the Newtopia exhibition, the Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar is exhibiting at the Die Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK) in cooperation with the Berlinische Galerie (Berlin, Germany) till the 17th September. There, he shows his work: “The way it is. Eine Ästhetik des Widerstands” (engl: An Aesthetics of Resistance). The monografic exhibition ´The way it is` is a  review on his hole work, where he plays with structures and semiotics. Jaar, the architect and filmaker is always creating political statements with his art. He creates a critical view on different publicities and how they are visually illustrated in media.

The artwork which is shown in Berlin is focussed on the city Berlin. But there are also works, in which he bothers with the african themes like the genocide in Rwanda, which he had focussed long time.

In an interview he admitted, that his art is motivated by believing in “art can effect change”!  He speaks about his artwork which he shows in Berlin here: Alfredo Jaar – Art Can Effect Change  (Source: Universes of Universe)

At the NEWTOPIA exhibition, you can find him at the Culture Center Mechelen, at Lamot and on the satellite solo exhibition at the ING Cultural Centre on the Koningsplein/Place Royale in the heart of Brussels, from the 10th October to the 10th December 2012.

And here, you watch extract of his artwork ´the way it is` in an image film of