Krysztof Wodiczko (Poland)
Mechelen City Hall Projection, 2012
Video installation
Courtesy of the Artist

Krzysztof Wodiczko’s installation in Mechelen

Thrilling: Final test of Wodiczko’s installation

In the presence of the artist the final test of the Wodiczko installation at the facade of Mechelen’s City Hall gave a first insight to all spectators into his work for NEWTOPIA.

Mostly known for his large-scale slide and video projections on architectural façades and monuments Wodiczko has conceived a new public project for NEWTOPIA, through which he temporarily transforms the façade of Mechelen’s City Hall into a communication vehicle, both visually and auditory, for immigrant newcomers in Mechelen. With the support of Werkgroep Integratie Vluchtelingen (Refugee Integration Working Group) in Mechelen, the artist conducted several interviews during the summer of 2012 with individuals that had arrived in the city, both recently and years ago.

A specially designed interface made it possible to film the speakers’ eyes only. With their voices heard and their eyes visible, the city’s newcomers are able to share their lived experiences. Hopefully they will become “The New Mechlinians”, as the title of the installation proposes.

The installation can be seen on the 28th and 29th of August. The right timing for visitors to take pictures of the projection and to have a “magic moment” is when the sun sets behind the city hall.

Here are our impressions from the final test. Hope to see you all in front of the City Hall!!

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