Ninar Esber “Triangle”

Ninar Esber “Triangle”

Ninar Esber “Triangle” 2012

Ninar Esber, born 1971 in Lebanon, is one of the few female arab artists who really work on this question of women’s rights in the arab world. Her video “Triangle” consists different kind of quotes, who turn into a confrontational tone of rebellion and protest.

The video is also called “For disobedient women” and it talks about all the things that women cannot do in the Arab world.

Like some samples?

“Women who show their hair”
“Women who show their face”
“Women who wear trousers”
“Women who wear clothes close to their body”
“Women who are seen nude in pictures”
“Women who are seen nude in a film”
“Women who pose nude for a site or a blog”
“Women who change their religion”
“Women who sit next to a man on a bus”
“Women who fall in love with another man while they are married”
“Women who drive cars”
“Women who talk to a man who is not their brother, husband”.

So it goes on and on. And it is not only about Arab women, some of the things Ninar Esber talks about concern all women.

“Women who wear make-up”
“Women who leave the house not for an urgent reason”
“Women who ask for a divorce”
“Women who take the pill”

This is really an incredible statement coming from an Arab woman.

The quotes are accompanied by a rhythmic track, released by the french underground singer Jacno in 1979.

At NEWTOPIA: The State of Human Rights the video will be shown in english and french version.