Say it loud. on words and actions – an exhibition in Berlin (Germany)

Say it loud. on words and actions – an exhibition in Berlin (Germany)

The exhibition SAY IT LOUD (04.october- 11.november 2012) invites to question the relationship between words and actions

Cause we saw the artwork SAY IT LOUD by the artist Satch Hoyt at the NEWTOPIA exhibition, we got interested in the whole exhibition SAY IT LOUD, which will be shown at the District Berlin. Satch Hoyt will be one of the shown artists next to other names like: Ei Arakawa & Nikolas Gambaroff, Erik Bünger, Jeremiah Day, DETEXT, Discoteca Flaming Star, Ebon Heath, Gary Hill, Sejla Kameric, Daniel Knorr, Falke Pisano. It´s an exhibition you really should see, if you are in Berlin this time.

All the different artists of the exhibition reflect on the character of language and how it affects actions.
How is language used in the construction of public identities and social interactions? How much affects our language our mental activity? Do words and grammar categorieses our world and arranges patterns in which we live in and understand ´the world`? Even thinking our self as individual subjects could be a result of our communication, while we say: You and I.
Judith Butler already tried to get to the bottom of how language reflects power dynamics, we reproduce everyday and everytime by speaking.
And today? We communicate more than ever and at the same time feel more isolated…how comes? And whats about the body by speaking? When we communicate in virtual media, whats about the fact: Action says more than words?

The exhibition SAY IT LOUD will not answer all this questions for sure. But even asking them is an important part of reflection of our selfs and our societies.

about OUT LOUD by District Berlin
about OUT LOUD (2) by District Berlin
(you are listening to the curators of SAY IT LOUD)

Curators: Susanne Husse, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Megan Marissa Steinman


In an effort to connect their investigation with Berlin’s local cultural producers, they have opened a space within SAY IT LOUD for the presentation and discussion of publication projects that focus on artistic writing and language as a medium within contemporary art. Speech makers, publishers, writers, book designers, and more are invited to contribute and display their recent works. The communal architecture of this space was developed by Lorenzo Sandoval based on his Narrative Machine series.


In conjunction with the exhibition, SAY IT LOUD will present a weekly program series of artist conversations, film screenings, lectures performances and music.

18.10., 7pm Erik Bünger
25.10., 7pm The Otolith Group, Falke Pisano
10.11., 8pm Discoteca Flaming Star, 10pm Gewalt Disney

Performance installation by Daniel Knorr
4.10., 7pm – 10pm; 18.10., 5pm – 7pm; 25.10., 5pm – 7pm; 10.11., 6pm – 10pm.


You will find the exhibition at:
District Kunst- und Kulturförderung
Bessemerstraße 2–14
12103 Berlin
T +49 30 71 09 30 93
M +49 17 84 58 39 75