“We need you now (more than ever)” by WOOLOO

“We need you now (more than ever)” by WOOLOO

The Charity-Song for the European Economy “We need you now (more than ever) ” by the Danish art collective WOOLOO is a music peace for the exhibition NEWTOPIA- STATE OF HUMAN RIGHTS which will opening at the 31. August 2012 in Mechelen (BE).

Yes, you read right! Wooloo decided that its time for a charity song for the European economy. Actually, it might be the first charity-song for an economy ever, but in time of crisis… why not? And who could safe the European economy best? Of course: The Catholic Church, as the single largest financial power and property owner in existence!  So, the song is asking the Catholic Church to bail Europe out of its economic crisis. “We need you now (more than ever)” pleads with the Church to use its significant wealth to pay off the European debt. And who knows, maybe they will!

It is the first (ironically tinged) popsong Wooloo produces and we are glad to release it at our blog. Its featuring some known names like Katerina Gregos, the curator of the NEWTOPIA exhibition, Mark Sladen and the the artists Wim Delvoye, Carsten Höller, Gregor Wroblewski, Pilvi Takala, Mikhail Karikis, Ursula Mayer  and Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen.

Wooloo, the Danish artist group founded in 2002 by Martin Rosengaard and Sixten Kai Nielsen. Wooloo creates social experiments in collaborative participation, exploring strategies in which several people take a role in the art-making process. In our artistic practice, Wooloo acts as an intermediary: we operate on the level of infrastructure to supply the conditions for social experimentation. Wooloo also operates wooloo.org (2002-ongoing), an online community for participatory projects which connects the resources of more than 22,000 cultural producers internationally.


The Lyrics of:  “We need you now (more than ever)”

This is a time when we just have nothing left / When Europe must come together as one / No people buying and its time to ask for help / From the greatest power of them all

We were there for you, when the world was still expanding /Together we collected golden shores
/v We’re all a part of Europe’s great big family
/ And billions is everything we need

You got a lot, more than enough /
You are the richest in this world
/ So wont you listen /
We need the Church to make a choice / Old Europe needs you now
We need you more than ever – bail us out

Send us your funds and we’ll start anew again / With our pensions still so strong and free
/ As we wait in line for jobs that went away
/We pray for you to listen and to pay

You got a lot, (…) We need you more than ever – bail us out

Europe’s down and out, now the Church must give away / Cos remember we – might take it anyway
/ Let us realize – that this was all done before
/ When we stand together as one – together as one