We are looking for YOUNG ARTISTS for our new BlogSeries

We are looking for YOUNG ARTISTS for our new BlogSeries

Actually, we thought about what we could do with this blog. Lots of possibilities but how to use them right… ?

Now, we decided to watch out a bit, cause we would like to present some interesting young artists at our blog in a new series.
The only constraint: The art should stand in a context to the NEWTOPIA- Topic: Human Rights and society issues.

ARE YOU, or DO YOU KNOW a contemporary YOUNG ARTIST???

… like a painter, sculptor or photographer, a sound or a other kind of artist? – we would like to show you at our blog!

Feel free and send us an email at: newtopiablog(at)gmail.com

Please dont forget to give us some information about you (the artist).
You can also just answering the following questions:

  • What kind of art are you creating and what motivates you to make art?
  • Why you chose this kind of art?
  • Who`s your idol in art? Maybe one word, why?
  • In which context you would say, your art is connected to the issues of Human Rights?
- sending us min. 3 Pictures or/and a video of your art (url or file)
- and sending us any contact-infos (webpage, etc).


We are curious and full of expectation!!!